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Teesside Dementia Link Services News Giant game of knock a door run

Giant game of knock a door run

A local dementia charity is having to deliver their services in a different way

Although the current pandemic has caused disruption and severe changes to everyday life, one local charity has adapted their services to still meet the needs of their clients.

Teesside Dementia Link Services (TDLS), Stockton, works to support those living with dementia, and their carers.

CEO and founder Gail Walker gained charity status in the summer of 2017, although she has worked with people living with dementia and their families since 2014.

“Most of our services are closed, but we are working hard to keep up morale, delivering crafting packs, goody packs, shopping and our Carer Contact Service”, says Gail.

Due to the current situation, Gail and the team have had to rethink how they can provide care and support for their clients and keep spirits high during this unprecedented time.

“We were so very disappointed when we had to place on hold all our face to face services”, Gail added.

Concerned about loneliness affecting their clients, the charity expanded their carer contact line, which offers a listening ear and practical support.

With some of their dementia clients not understanding the current situation, it has been comforting for them to receive calls from a familiar voice and having someone there to listen.


As well as offering support, the team at TDLS have started shopping for their clients who can’t get out for their everyday basics, with the volunteers delivering the essentials directly to their doors.

To keep their clients busy they have given out 60 home crafting packs along with a DVD lending library and morale boosting parcels.

“It’s been like a giant game of knock a door run delivering all the packs, we intend to refresh the packs every two weeks”, says Gail.

On Easter Sunday, they held a stay at home afternoon tea, open to everyone in Teesside to join in.

Gail says: “Easter is an important part of the year, usually a good time for family gatherings, we thought let’s resurrect, a mostly forgotten Easter afternoon tea”.

Encouraging households to get out their finest crockery and take part, they received photos from families showing off their home baking and tasty treats, with the winning photo entry receiving the prize of a pack of four toilet rolls and a £20 book voucher.

“As a dementia charity we know the importance of family, memories and isolation”, added Gail.


Source: Teesside Live

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