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Carole Craven

Born: 06/1942          Passed: 16/07/2020

mum Carole Craven. Mam was born in June 1942 and died July 16th 2020. She was married to Alan. Both suffered dementia (Mam Alzheimer’s for 8 years and Dad mixed dementia for 4 years although think it was much longer).  They both moved into Sandbanks care home Redcar in Late January 2019, following many wandering late night incidents and many other safeguarding issues. Although they took a while to settle they eventually did and believed they were in a hotel. Mam was always the life and soul and always the first to join in any activities. She will be sadly missed by myself and my two brothers Keith and Neil and her 7 grandchildren.

Allen Huitson

Born: 28/05/1932          Passed: 01/06/2020

Dad was a retired bus driver a job which he loved. Married to my mam Jean for 64 years until she died in 2018 he was a devoted husband who looked after Mam until her dementia was such that he could no longer cope as he was suffering with dementia himself. He was a loving father to 2 daughters and a son. We thought the world of him. He was a true gent as people who knew him would testify. He was born in Thornaby and lived there practically all of his life. He was a bit of an entertainer and loved to play the piano in local pubs in Thornaby whilst people would sing along and they looked forward to him regularly playing and entertaining them. We celebrated his 88th birthday as a family in difficult circumstances due to Covid19 and little did we know that that would be the last day we saw and spoke to him but we will remember him as having enjoyed his birthday and he finally got to see his family and hear us all sing happy birthday to him. RIP dad. Reunited with his beloved wife.

Susan Chambers Leither

Born: 07/12/1957             Passed: 23/04/2019

Mother of two daughters with seven grandchildren she absolutely had a heart of gold, her family was her life she worked as a volunteer co-ordinator at the British Heart Foundation for fifteen years. All the years I was with her I never heard anyone have a bad word to say about her, she really was one of life’s good ones.

Jeffrey Kendal George

Tribute to Jeffrey Kendal George (written by Edward George)

What can I tell you about my Dad that you do not already know? Writing this eulogy has been hard (I am sure that reading it without crying will be even harder). The hardest thing is trying to keep it under 3 hours for he was a man that did so much and meant so much to so many.

So where do I start this tribute to a man I was proud enough to be able to call my Dad – the start seems as good a place as any.

Raised at the family Fish shop on Tipton High Street and educated at St Chads in Wolverhampton, Dad went on to qualify to attend Liverpool University to study Dentistry. One can only imagine what an eye opener that was for him to be in Liverpool in the early 60s when it was the cultural and musical centre of the universe. He even had a small unknown band called the Beatles play at his Hall dinner one night.

After graduating and spending 6 months in Birmingham he joined a practice in Worcester which he eventually bought. It was here in Worcester that he found the love of his life, and in 1965 he joined the Worcester Golf and Country Club and took up golf full time.

It was also around this time, the late 60s were a bit if a haze for all involved, that he met his soulmate, who as fate would have it was living just 2 doors down from him in the flats at Wentworth Court.

Their partnership in work, life and love would stand the test of time and would give them over 50 years of memories together. As well as 2 wonderful children and 5 grandchildren.

Round table became another passion of Dad’s. His involvement with fund raising was entered into with great enthusiasm, be it building the largest bonfires Worcester had seen since the civil war, to the year when he was Chairman and “Jeff fixed it for me.” It was an opportunity for children and less fortunate adults to have a little wish come true with Jeff persuading fellow tablers to give a child a ride in a sports car, take a disabled person to the theatre, or a ride on a steam train.   When Worcester round table was in danger of becoming oversubscribed Dad became involved in the successful formation of the Elgar Round table.

“How about having a wine tasting society” was the next venture suggested and Dad became the first Maître de vin in 1986. To taste, invest and become knowledgeable in the world of wine became the moto of The Worcester Wine Cabinet

Golf played a big part in Dad’s life, how he managed to find the time to play and keep a single figure handicap for so long is amazing given his other obligations of being a husband, a father, a business owner, his numerous charity and committee roles, but that was who he was.

He loved Boughton Park (Worcester G&CC), and gave so much to that club. As Captain he was responsible for overseeing the re-design of the course, a massive undertaking. Roles as President and numerous other positions followed, he was always giving back to the club.

His golf took him and mum all over the world, and through golf they made many great friends and memories. So many golfing trips to South Africa, America, Australia, Spain and especially Portugal, (Dad loved Port, and Portugal) all these trips with so many friends and different groups.

Dad loved his sport, any sport, he would happily watch it. Before his stroke he was a walking encyclopaedia of sporting results or facts, I didn’t need to google it I would just ask Dad. But even after his stroke he still loved watching sport, cheering on the Wolves, the Warriors or the Pears was when he was happiest.

The Worcester Wine Cabinet, the Wine Club, the Claret Club – there seems to be a theme here and you are right. It is that Dad was always willing to be involved, and he loved a good glass or two of wine. But most of all he loved spending time with friends and having a laugh.

Chris Elgenia

11th December 1939 - 15th December 2018

Chris was born in Middlesbrough, his child hood was not easy, but he had a loving Mother who brought him up well. After leaving school he joined the Parachute regiment, and eventually became a PT instructor. After a long army career he left the army and became a body guard, he looked after many VIP's including members of the Royal Family.
After a long physical illness, he was then diagnosed with Dementia, His wife June said, he was my best friend ever, best Husband, Father, Grandfather and Great Grandfather.

A light has gone out in our world

Pat Castle

21st March 1948 - 25th May 2018

Originally from London but moved to Teesside in 1990 with her husband Ray.

Pat was a shy lady and never felt she was "any good to anyone" but she was and will be missed by many

Joyce Laverick

In Loving Memory

1st February 1927 - 20th May 2018

Margaret Peacey

15th June 1946 - 18th December 2017

Margaret was loved by all who knew her, many hearts were broken on that sat December 18th 2017, we lost a bright light, a north star.

A fun loving warm and generous lady, who was devoted to many but none so much as her family, she loved life an we all remember her beautiful smile and infectious laugh.

Margaret was one of lifes givers and doers, she loved her charity work helping many people over the years, especially for those with downs syndrome. We can see her happy face now organising street parties, Christmas parties, fundraising events - happy times.

Just close your eyes and you will see all the memories you have of me

Just sit and relax and you will find i am still here inside your mind

Do not cry for me now i am gone, for i am now in the land of song

There is no pain there is no fear, so wipe away that silent tear,

Do not think of me with dementia and old, for i am now young and never cold

I am in that place thats filled with love, known to you as up above.

Bob Brady

In Loving Memory

24th September 1929 - 1st of August 2016

Raymond (Ray) Castle

30th April 1934 - 26th March 2016

Army No: 22795982

A true gentleman, a man of honour, kind, gentle, happy and generous. It was a privilege to be his friend, often had us in tears of laughter.

Ray was an outrageous flirt, but if his flirts were taken seriously, he would be heard in a very loud voice saying "Pat were is Pat" (his wife)

The happy times that we enjoyed, how sweet the memory still

but death has left a vacant place, this world can never fill

though your smile has gone, and our hands can never touch

We shall never lose sweet memories, of you we loved so much


Jack Rodgers

12th August 1928 - 4th December 2015

If ever a man missed his calling it was Jack, he was a championship ballroom dancer and a brilliant comedian. He and his wife Rhoda danced all there life, he was devoted to Rhoda.

Do not stand by my grave and weep, i am not there i do not sleep

I am a thousand winds that blow, I am the diamond glint on snow

I am the sun on ripened grain, I am the gentle autumn rain

When you wake in the morning hush, i am the swift uplifting rush of quiet birds in circle flight, i am the stars that shine at night

Do not stand at my grave and cry

I am not there, I did not die

William (Bill) Irwin

17th October 1928 - 18th May 2014

A very intelligent and knowledgeable man, he worked all over the world in various industries. Loved life and particularly the years he lived in Canada. Sharing and learning was one of the things that would make him most happy, telling you how things worked or how they were made. Bill had good local knowledge and could always tell you what was there before, particularly the offices and factories of Head Wrightson's where he spent his apprenticeship years, Getting a bus from Thornaby to the Transporter, then another bus to Brenda Rd end he would then have to walk the last mile, in all weathers. he always had a cheeky smile lighting up a room and have them laughing in the isles with his one liners.

Most of all he loved his Daughter Margret who he could twist round his little finger "Margret I know its only 7 pm but could I have a little bed time whisky before bed"

Len Maynell

23rd June 1928 - 26th January 2010

Len, a loving husband, father, and grandfather adored by his then six grand children (to them he was ganwan, dor dan or gaggy)

A strong man that knew right from wrong, he would not stand for any shenanigans, wrong doing or dishonesty.

His wife Eileen, said "when we met i knew it was love at first sight, this was the man i would spend the rest of my life with, and i did".

When his daughter, asked if her soon to be husband could stay over one night he said "yes of course" his wife was shocked, however that night Len slept with the bedroom door open, his words to his potential son-in-law were "one creak on that landing and you will be out on your ear"

The passing of the days have not dulled the pain of his loss, for all his family.

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