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Teesside Dementia Link Services News Thank you to Matt Vickers local MP

Thank you to Matt Vickers local MP

A huge thank you to Matt Vickers one of our local MP’s.

During the last few months, we have been getting help and support from Matt Vickers Conservative MP for Stockton South. Matt has been very generous with his time, even though he has had many other commitments, and two months ago with his own money too.

Matt Donated £500 from the allowance he receives as a councillor, he did not want to publicise this, but we insisted. We do not endorse any political party, nor do we seek to influence others political views, but we always take the view that if we get help in whatever form this should be acknowledged.

Dementia is an area of work Matt is very interested in, we hope he will be able to use this passion in the future to influence future Government policy.

Thank you Matt, for your time and donation, from all our service users and our volunteers




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